BERIMAN ARCHITECTURE COMPANY LIMITED is an architecture design firm  with a Historical background in the building industry.  Some of our people has more than 30 years’ experience in construction.

To begin, Beriman is the name of my father who since 1965 has worked in larged scale construction in the northen Cameroon, the LAKE CHAD region and Nigeria.Beriman the father constructs the famous central mosque of Ndjamena in Chad, then the Mosque of Poumpoumree Garoua, the GUIDER SPORT STADIUM, the new extension buildings of GAROUA CENTRAL HOSPITAL in Cameroon, many Villa and public school in  Cameroon Northern  region and Maiduguri in Nigeria. Todjim Kalte Le Beriman, son of Beriman the constructor, is a  time made engineer who pursuit high level engineering study in world class university, specially in Asia, at the Chinese world class institution, Beijing jiaotong university. That make him an outstanding engineer and architect who has a deep expertise when it’s come to building matter. From my family background and studies, building is part of my life.  Building STRUCTURE SAFETY is my field of expertise. I got a chance to collaborate with high qualified Chinese engineer at China Communication Construction Company  (CCCC), one of the largest bridge construction firm in China, with many projects in Africa.

BERIMAN-ARCHITECTURE Co. Ltd is created to fulfill the needs of African people living in china, who wanted to construct a lovely living place back home in Africa. The design we produce match the African way of live, habit, culture, climate and modern luxurious.

When it’s come to architecture, you can Google thousands of design out there, but just as every man has his own ID, Every architecture is unique.
The house that serves you is the one that match with your own ID. That s why choosing your architect, is just like choosing your wife. The only person that can bring out the home that you love, is the one that understand you, understand your culture, understand your climat, understand your ID. Yes an architectural work is more than a simple design.

What make BERIMAN-ARCHITECTURE unique is a cocktail of culture his personal has been through. Africa, Asia and Europe, we have travel the world to see how people live from one place to another, and we are ready to transpose any living environment to match your region.  Local standardization and local engineering requirements is the main part of our concerns. BERIMAN-ARCHITECTURE mission is to take you STEP BY STEP, with no STEP SKEPT into the realization of your dreamt house, the very house you work for years in offices.



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